St.Kenny National School was opened in 1980. It was formed from the amalgamation of 3 small schools in the area, Glascorn, Walshestown and Ballinea.

The first principal in 1980 was the late Mr. Frank Conway and there were 5 teachers in total including Mrs Kitty Murrin (Vice Principal), Mrs Mary Fagan, Mrs Phil Cleary and Mr Patrick Reilly.

Today there are 14 teachers along with 4 Special Needs Assistants and ancillary secretarial, caretaking and cleaning staff.

Mr. Arthur Fallon took over when Mr. Frank Conway retired in September 1998.

In 1999 the school was extended with a prefab building in which there were three classrooms and a  Learning Support Room. 

In 2004 the hall was refurbished by the Parents Association and a stage, lights, new ceiling and curtains installed.

Further refurbishment was made to the building in 2005 with new windows, doors, wheelchair ramps, toilets and an alarm system.

In 2006 we replaced and extended the existing carpark to accommodate extra cars and facilitate extra staff parking.

In 2009 further major refurbishment was carried out including the replacement of the heating system, the removal and replacement of all flooring in the main school building and other ancillary works.

In 2010 a full refurbishment of all electrical systems was carried out and application was made to build a new staffroom along with 2 resource rooms and extra toilet facilities. This work was completed in 2011 and was open for the new school year in September 2011

We celebrated 35 years in the Community with a Mass in Mullingar Cathedral and function in Mullingar park Hotel on Friday, May 13th 2016.

We applied to replace the prefab building and also made application for an extra classroom in 2013. We received a letter of approval of these works in January 2014.

We commenced an extension to the school in October 2015 comprising 3 classrooms, a general purposes classroom, resource room, disabled WC and associated works. The prefab building was demolished and a junior yard installed in its place with play equipment.

This work was completed in August 2016 and we commenced a refurbishment of the old school building which was completed in June 2017 including a new entrance, refurbishment of cloakrooms and toilets, replacement of classroom doors and painting works.

In August 2018 a new adventure trail playground was installed to the rear of the school.

In April Mrs. Mary Dempsey retired and on September 1st 2019, Mrs Ann Caulfield retired after 35 years of service in the school.

Mr. Kevin Boyle and Ms. Katie Hickey joined the permanent staff in September 2019.

In October 2020 Mrs Clare Egan was appointed principal of St Kenny NS. She retired in 2023 and Mr. Proinsias Ó Fearghail was appointed Principal.